20 Best Vegan Baking Recipes

A selection of the 20 best vegan baking recipes. From English classics like flapjacks and sticky toffee pudding to fancy delights like molten chocolate cakes and rhubarb tart. The recipes below are all made without animal products so they’re dairy-free and eggless, or have simple vegan alternatives in the recipe to make them so.

1. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crispy edges, gooey middles and PACKED with melty chocolate chips, brown sugar and vanilla extract.

These vegan cookies are made with a versatile dough which uses oats instead of eggs. You can use a range of different types of flour (even oat flour) in the dough and can either use baking powder or bicarbonate of soda in them, depending on what you’ve got on hand. A sprinkle of sea salt helps to balance the sweetness.

2. Vegan Molten Chocolate Cakes

This small-batch recipe makes two perfectly sized portions of vegan chocolate molten cake (a.k.a. chocolate fondant). These little cakes have a light, soft texture on the outside & a gooey centre with a rich chocolate flavour. The liquid from a tin of chickpeas, aquafaba, is used instead of whipped egg whites in this recipe to provide that light, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Serve with a coconut-milk ice cream for an even more indulgent dessert.

3. Vegan Flapjacks

A classic English recipe! These chewy, oat-packed bars are made with simple ingredients & flavoured with golden syrup. They’re the prefect sweet treat for on-the-go snacking. You can mix in anything you like – nuts, seeds, dried fruit or chocolate chips.

This easy recipe is ready in 30 minutes!

4. Vegan Self-Raising Flour Banana Bread

Banana bread is always a winner and this version is my favourite vegan loaf cakes – it’s so light and soft. This recipe uses self-raising flour which makes it even easier to bake up but you can also use a combo of all-purpose flour & baking powder if that’s what you’ve got on hand.

You can make this loaf by hand or just blitz everything together in a food processor to make it in a snap.

5. Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding for 2

Who can ever resist ordering a sticky toffee pudding?? A soft, brown sugar-flavoured sponge cake enriched with softened medjool dates soaked with an easy vegan toffee sauce. Served warm these are sure to delight & are an easy vegan dessert to make for dinner parties (or just for you).

This recipe makes a small batch perfect for serving two people.

6. Vegan Chocolate Yule Log

Food Blogger Izy Hossack makes Vegan Chocolate Yule Log

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without this light chocolate sponge cake roll filled with a vegan cocoa powder & cream cheese frosting, covered with chocolate ganache.

7. Vegan Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

A simple snack to stir up and bake – these muffins are moist and hearty, packed with zesty lemon and crunchy poppy seeds. We’ve used a flax egg (simply ground linseeds mixed with water) to bind the batter together instead of eggs. Don’t forget the lemon juice icing to drizzle on top for that delicious sweet-sour hit.

8. Vegan Pecan Pie

A sticky, maple-packed filling, studded with pecans is the perfect mix. We use a simple shop-bought shortcrust pastry in this classic American Thanksgiving dessert. Here we’ve used breadcrumbs to replace the eggs which helps the filling set when the pie is baked but prevents it from getting too dry.

9. Vegan Simple Rhubarb Tart

Simple Rhubarb Tart with chopped pistachios by Izy Hossack

You only need 4 ingredients for this simple rhubarb tart – puff pastry, rhubarb, sugar & pistachios (or any nut you like). By using shop-bought puff pastry you’ll have this dessert ready in no time – perfect for special occasions!

10. Vegan Brownies with Maple Caramel

A crispy crust and fudgy middle, these brownies are the best vegan version you’ll find! We use almond flour (ground almonds) to keep them moist and soft so they don’t end up cakey or dry. An easy caramel made from maple syrup & tahini (or almond butter) is swirled through the batter to take it to the next level.

11. Vegan Chocolate Fridge Cake

A mixture of silken tofu and melted dark chocolate may sound strange but, when blended and chilled, the mixture sets just like ganache and has a delicious chocolatey flavour & creamy texture. Simple layer in digestive biscuits (and whatever else you fancy, really) to make this super simple dessert.

12. Vegan Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

A fruit-studded bun, flavoured with mixed spice and eaten at Easter time. These are sourdough hot cross buns which are completely vegan! They’re soft inside and fragrant – perfect for splitting in half and toasting.

13. Vegan Rhubarb & Almond Cake

Rhubarb & Almond Cake

An almond-flavoured cake batter is simple and sweet. Topped with flaked almonds and batons of rhubarb to make a lovely tea-time treat.

14. Vegan Apple-Cardamom Chelsea Buns

These Chelsea buns are laminated to make them extra flaky and delicious. The filling is spiked with cinnamon & cardamom and sliced apples are included for a delicious fruity flavour.

15. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pots

Food blogger Izy Hossack makes Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Pots for 2 people with a vegan option

An easy dessert to whip up on a whim! The recipe makes 2 individual servings so it’s perfect for a small-batch craving. Think crispy crust and gooey cookie dough middle with melty chocolate chips.

16. Vegan Cinnamon-Sugar Soft Pretzels

You don’t need to go to the mall to get yourself a soft pretzel – make them at home! A squishy, warm bread dough, brushed with melted vegan butter and sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar. So more-ish.

17. Vegan Graham Crackers

If you can’t get hold of graham crackers you can make them yourself. A sweet, cinnamon flavoured wholemeal dough is rolled thin and baked until crisp. Eat them as-is or use in a plethora of other dessert recipes such as for cheesecake crusts or pie.

18. Sourdough Focaccia

A chewy, salty, bubbly loaf made with sourdough. Focaccia is the best bread for snacking on, rich with olive oil and sprinkled with salt flakes.

19. Vegan Sweet Potato Breakfast Bread

This quickbread is similar to banana bread but uses mashed sweet potato instead. It’s a simple loaf to make using dairy-free spreads to keep it cakey – great for toasting & serving with fresh fruit for breakfast or snacking on throughout the day.

20. Vegan Marble Cake

The best of both worlds – chocolate and vanilla batter swirled together into an un-frosted loaf cake. This is the perfect after-school snack or lunchbox dessert! We’ve used silken tofu to replace the eggs here and you’d never even know.

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