Concerning Credits and re-using images

I put a lot of effort into every single one of my posts. The recipes and photos are completely original (unless otherwise stated), so I would SUPER appreciate it if you would link back to my site if you:

  • use ONE image for a ‘link love’ or equivalent type post (if you would like use more than one image, I would appreciate it if you would ask me first, there’s a 90% chance I’ll say sure)
  • adapt my recipe and post it to your site
  • or use any other content from Top With Cinnamon.

Could I also ask that you don’t just copy and paste my whole recipe to your website; I know there’s only a number of ways of saying ‘mix these ingredients’, but I feel that if you’re going to be just copying and pasting my recipe, you might as well just link back to my post where you found the recipe.