Peach and Pecan Brown Sugar Parfait

Peach and Pecan Brown Sugar ParfaitPeach and Pecan Brown Sugar Parfait

Peaches, pecans. Parfait!

..Brown sugar (?). (yeh, just ignore that slight anomaly).

I’m addicted to eating peaches with vanilla-honey Greek yogurt. It’s like eating peaches and vanilla ice cream, but much more breakfast-appropriate! Hurrah!

Btw, this is pretty much a non-recipe (more of a flavour pairing suggestion) because it’s literally the simplest thing in the world to make, so I haven’t included specific measurements.

Peach and Pecan Brown Sugar Parfait

Peach and Pecan Brown Sugar Parfait

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  • 1 peach , , washed, sliced then cubed
  • small handful of pecans , , broken into small pieces
  • Greek yogurt
  • honey
  • vanilla bean paste
  • a generous pinch of dark brown sugar


  • Stir together the Greek yogurt with honey and vanilla bean paste, to taste.
  • In a small glass, layer some of the cubed peaches with some of the brown sugar and pecans. Top with the yogurt, then repeat the layering of peaches, pecans and brown sugar.
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31 thoughts on “Peach and Pecan Brown Sugar Parfait”

  1. Congrats on your new camera!!!! Needless to say the pics are gonna be even more AWESOME now! 🙂

    BTW, this parfait is perfect!!! something you can actually make that early in the morning! Whew! breakfast issues solved! 😀

  2. Yay for two posts! This sounds soooo good! Lovely idea for fresh peaches…and quick!

  3. Quick breakfast ideas are always needed, especially ones with peaches. I hope you post soon with pics from your new camera! They will be more artistic than ever.

  4. Ooh I love getting a new camera. About three weeks ago I upgraded from a bridge camera to a DSLR camera, and I love it. I completely agree about the shutter noise, there’s something satisfying about it clicking away :).
    And this parfait looks delicious, such a perfect breakfast 🙂

  5. Ok, your photos were already amazing, so they are just going to become more awesome. I can live with this 🙂 Congrats on the new camera! I am SO envious.

  6. Yum! this sounds delisssssh! Just last week, I started stirring in honey with my greek yogurt in the morning and eating it with sliced bananas, almonds, and a dash of cinnamon. It’s to die for. And it tastes like dessert for breakfast! Lerrrrv.

  7. Yay for layering parfaits! These sound delish! 🙂 Okay, so I’m also a little envious of your new camera. I want to here more! I’m using the t2i right now too. What lens do you shoot with mostly?

  8. Congrats on a new camera 🙂 I want to see all the amazing delicious pictures.

  9. I hear what you’re saying about the shutter sound-I visit Best Buy just to push the shutter button (You said no judging, right?!)

  10. Your photos are so freaking great, I don’t care if you just want to do “flavour combos” for the rest of forever. They always look face-crammingly good.

  11. ha, i thought i was the only one who gets exicted on shutter sounds 😀 recently a friend of mine let me shoot with his father’s eos 7d and i was totally stunned – usually i’m shooting with my 550d, so it was a huge difference…
    happy photographing!

  12. This looks delicious! I can think of several fruit pairings that would go well too. Thanks!

  13. Yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss. !! I did no job work for two days after I got my camera. The shutter sound is the best. And isn’t it crazy how crisp and detailed everything is with the full frame? And the MKIII especially, whoawhoawhoa. Not gonna lie, I’m already getting the upgrade itch…. Gah!

    I’ve been on a crazy-yogurt-things-for-dessert kick, and this is pretty much exactly what I want, especially since I’ve started getting kind of obsessed with peaches. I think I might actually be getting over the stone fruit texture thing. Woop!

  14. I’m so happy for you! I understand how excited you must be because recently I got my very first (!!) DSLR, I used a point-and-shoot for way too long, and I’m walking on air. I can’t believe the difference it makes, and I too love the shutter sound 🙂
    Enjoy your new camera, have fun and do share every food you eat. We love it!

  15. Mann I wish I had a new camera. Cha I wish I hand a camera in general 🙁
    I love peaches. Have you tried doughnut peaches they are sooo delicious and juicy!
    I recently made some peach melba parfaits.

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