Caramelised Banana Buckwheat Bread

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Banana bread must be one of the most well-loved things to bake in the UK! It’s not surprising though as it’s such a simple thing to make and uses up those brown bananas from the fruit bowl or freezer. When I was growing up my mum would bake a simple banana bread, often with walnuts and demerara sugar on top for crunch. We’d eat slices of it with cream cheese as a comforting afternoon snack. It’s such a classic, easy bake which everyone loves, which makes it ideal as a feel-good gift for friends and family.

Over the years I’ve made many iterations of banana bread. One of my favourite little twists to do is to swap out a portion of the plain flour for Doves Farm organic wholemeal buckwheat flour. I find this makes for a very tender, light banana bread with a nutty, earthy flavour which goes so well with the sweetness of the bananas. Due to the lack of gluten in buckwheat flour, I like to combine it with a small amount of plain white flour to help the loaf hold together well.

This batter is super easy to blend up so takes little time to prep. I use really ripe, frozen bananas which I’ve let defrost at room temp until they’re completely soft. They usually seep some liquid when this happens so make sure they’re in a shallow bowl of some kind as you don’t want to lose any of that moisture!

I sprinkled some buckwheat groats onto the cake batter before baking which crisp up in the oven for an easy, crunchy topping to the cake – delicious but optional! You can always replace the buckwheat groat sprinkle with some roughly chopped walnuts or pecans.

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Caramelised Banana Buckwheat Bread

A vegan caramelised banana loaf cake made with nutty buckwheat flour & topped with crispy crunchy buckwheat groats.
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Course: Quick Breads (Non-Yeasted) & Scones
Cuisine: American
Keywords: banana, banana bread, buckwheat, dairy free, egg free, loaf cake, vegan


Banana Buckwheat Batter:

Caramelised bananas:

  • 1 or 2 small ripe bananas
  • 30 g (2 tbsp) unsalted butter or vegan butter
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • Pinch of ground cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp buckwheat groats , optional


  • Preheat the oven to 180°C fan (350°F). Grease and line an 8-inch square cake tin or a 2lb loaf tin with baking paper.
  • Place the overripe bananas, sugar, oil, salt and cloves into a blender or food processor and blitz until smooth (or alternatively use a stick blender in a large bowl to blitz together). Add the flours and bicarbonate of soda and blend again to combine.
    260 g (1 cup) overripe bananas (peeled weight), 150 g (3/4 cup) light brown sugar, 90 g (1/3 cup) vegetable oil, 1/4 tsp fine table salt, Pinch ground cloves, 150 g (1¼ cups) buckwheat flour, 45 g (1/3 cup) plain white flour, 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • Pour the batter into your prepared cake tin and set aside.

For the caramelised bananas:

  • Peel your 1 or 2 ripe bananas (I like to use 1 if I’m making a loaf cake or 2 if I’m baking a square cake) and slice in half down their length.
    1 or 2 small ripe bananas
  • Heat the butter, maple syrup and cinnamon in a medium non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Once the butter has fully melted, add the bananas cut side-down into the frying pan. Fry for a couple of minutes until the undersides start to get a bit golden.
    2 tbsp maple syrup, Pinch of ground cinnamon, 30 g (2 tbsp) unsalted butter or vegan butter
  • Gently lift the bananas from the pan, taking care not to touch the hot caramel. Place them, cut side-up onto the cake batter. Drizzle over any remaining caramel from the pan then sprinkle on the buckwheat groats (if using).
    2 tbsp buckwheat groats
  • Bake for 25-30 minutes (if baking in a square tin) or 50-60 minutes (if baking in a loaf tin) until a toothpick inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean.
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  1. 5 stars
    I made this in a loaf tin in an unreliable oven and had a little gooey batter under the banana slices when I pulled it, but I was afraid the bottom would overbake (it dissipated into the caramel). The cake itself is super intriguing, and the caramel topping just puts it over the top. I did add a pinch of salt to the caramel and a sprinkling of flaky salt on top, which I think made it pop. I also didn’t have buckwheat, but cacao nibs on top were great!

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