{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

 This 2013 winter is coming at me weak!! We’ve had no snow (not that unusual for December in London though) and it’s been pretty warm so far. The lack of wintery-ness has meant that the whole run up to Christmas has felt like nothing and now its the 22nd and I’m all ‘ITS CHRISTMAS IN 3 DAYS?’.

Total Christmas sneak attack.

{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

I talked about the whole winter glutton thang last year when I made those 100 cal chocolate cupcakes, and it’s still all the same this year. Especially because my advent calendar has literally been a 20g chunk of 70% chocolate each day (WOOOH / NOOO.). So, while it’s still acceptable to just eat chocolate before breakfast (It’s festive. yeah?) I decided I’d make something sweet but actually filling. This nutella fudge is exactly that.

{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

 If you’ve ever attempted to make fudge, like the proper stuff where you boil it and beat the crap out of the mixture and end up with super hench arms, you’ll know it’s pretty hard going. You may have also then experienced the grainy block of ‘blah’ that isn’t fudge… and isn’t sand… – it’s something in between the two, like a sugary Sahara that nobody really wants.

And then you can’t lift your arms the next day.

Lose-lose situation to be honest.

If you go with no-cook fudge you’ll defs be less disappointed. It’s much easier (thanks to Señor food processor doing most of the work) and also, in my opinion, a lot better. It’s not sickeningly sweet, so you get a break from the holiday pure-sugar inhalation. Also the fats are healthy ones! Purely from the nuts/seeds which are also getting protein and fiber in there.

{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

Friends – did you know that a Harvard study found that people who ate nuts every day were like 20% less likely to die from ANY CAUSE. Isn’t that incredible? Wow, they really got it goin’ on. That is just another REASON to eat this fudge, no joke.

{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

 We also be throwing in some dates and maple syrup for natural sugars, and cocoa powder for the chocolatey somthin’ somthin’. By the time you’ve eaten this fudge, you’ll have completely forgotten about the fact that your feet are cold and instead will be like this.

I pressed the mixture into a lined loaf pan, chilled it in the freezer and then cut it into leetle squares – two bite-ish. You could just as easily roll it into balls and then coat them in some bittersweet chocolate though.

{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

The resulting candy is total dream material. Fudgy and soft with that nutella-esque flavour.

See, now I’m not regretting the fact that I didn’t buy those stupid, delicious ferrero rochers they were selling in Pound Land.

{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

I mean, am I eating ice cream cake on Christmas Eve? Heck yes. But these squares are helping to stop me from caving and eating a packet of chocolate chip oatcakes (THEY COME IN PACKETS OF 6 OATCAKES. Why? Just, why do they do this to me?) and nutella toast for breakfast every morning.

It’s all about the balance, yo.

And if this is balance, I am a-okay with it.

{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge

{Healthier} Foolproof Vegan Nutella Fudge

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  • 1/2 cup pitted dates , , packed
  • 1 cup hazelnuts
  • 1/4 cup almonds
  • 2 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp ground flaxseed
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 to 4 tbsp maple syrup or agave syrup , (or drops of liquid stevia)


  • Soak the pitted dates in boiling water while you prep the hazelnuts.
  • Toast the hazelnuts in a frying pan over a high heat, shaking the pan often, until the skins start to crack and peel away. Fold the hot hazelnuts onto a clean dish towel and rub together until the majority of the skins have come off. Transfer the hazelnuts with the almonds to a food processor and blend until mealy. Continue to blend, stopping every so often to scrape down the edges of the bowl, until pastey.
  • Drain the dates then add them in, along with the cocoa, flaxseed, vanilla and salt and blend until smooth. Add maple syrup to taste - start by blending in 2 tbsp, and add more if you want it (you can also sub the additional maple syrup for a few drops of liquid stevia, if preferred).
  • Press the mixture into a parchment small, parchment-lined loaf tin and freeze for at least 30 minutes. Remove from the tin and cut into around 20 small squares. Store in an airtight container.
  • Alternatively, you can roll the mixture into teaspoon-sized balls, chill until cool, then coat them in bittersweet chocolate to make truffles.
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26 thoughts on “{Healthier} Foolproof, Vegan Nutella Fudge”

  1. You’re like a wizard, magically concocting beautiful, tasty, healthy alternatives to unhealthy goodies, for which I thank you:) I agree with you about this winter in London – it’s just been mild and grey rather than cold and bright, which I much prefer. I hope you have a lovely christmas!

  2. Since I grew up with the English version of fudge which is hard and slightly crumbly, I have found that the American version is like eating a lump of cake frosting. I make the English version using pure maple syrup and butter.
    Love it. However, I will try this version.


    Linda G.

  3. Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate

    I agree, this does sound way better than having my arm fall off from all of the beating and MAYBE having the fudge actually work out!

  4. Belinda@themoonblushbaker

    Preach girl! I eat chocolate everyday for breakfast (chocolate malted milk in coffee is completely legal right?)

    I swear I think I need to make these bites; it is too hot in Australia to make fudge too.

  5. very lovely recipe izy!
    Ive made a variation before and I will say it is definitely worth icing them with a coconut oil, cocoa and maple syrup icing. Its the bomb! xx

  6. Amy @ Wrapped in Newspaper

    Ummm… love this!!!! I am definitely going to making this! Also loving your nut facts, its making me feel pretty darn good about having a nut roast this Christmas 🙂

  7. Alexandra @ Confessions of a Bright-Eyed Baker

    I’m in tropical weather for Christmas, so with that plus finals this year, it’s been totally like What?? Christmas is here??I like your spin on fudge though; I’m not really a fan of traditional fudge since all the kinds I’ve ever had are just SWEET, but I’m down with the whole nuts-cocoa-dates-food processor deal! Way to go adding hazelnuts!

  8. Oh my! That nut fact made me so so so happy, nut facts for everyone! Nut fats for everyone.
    Dad joke?
    gawd I love nuts.
    On a more serious note, these look amazing, thanks for giving us something slightly less ‘all the things’ at this ‘all the things’ time of year.

  9. wonderful recipe!
    there needs to be a Nutella Food Channel on TV, for reals.
    Merry Christmas to you!!

  10. VEGAN FUDGE!!!! Yeah, I love you girl! I have a wish for Santa… Is there any way you can create a non-dairy tag for us dairy-intolerant peeps?

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  14. Let’s assume that one is to make edible gifts for christmas… How long do these little squares of goodness keep for? 🙂

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