Salted Caramel + Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Salted Caramel + Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

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The awesome team at SORTED invited me to their studio a few weeks ago to film one of my signature gif-ideos (a.k.a. super long gifs, a.k.a. kinda/not really-stop-motions, a.k.a. videos that some people are really confused by/ hate/love). So of course I said hell yes and rocked up to the studio to get filming!

I revisited my nutella and salted caramel cookie recipe – this time making the cookies with caramel-filled chocolates (I COULDN’T FIND ROLOS ANYWHERE so I settled for Cadbury’s caramel dairy milk which was still A+++) instead of making salted caramel sauce. So they’re actually EASIER and more delicious than before.

Salted Caramel + Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

So now you’ve seen me make them – you do it tooooo. Grab the recipe below and, for some top bants and delish recipes, be sure to check out SORTED’s other videos on their YouTube channel and website.

Salted Caramel + Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies


– you can find the salted caramel recipe here (don’t worry, it’ll lits take less than 15 minutes)

– alternatively, you can melt 1/2 cup of soft caramels with 2-3 tbsp of milk and use that to fill the cookies, or just put a caramel-filled chocolate (like rolos or something) into the middle of the cookie with the nutella.

Salted Caramel & Nutella Stuffed Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

A soft chocolate cookie, filled with salted caramel and nutella and studded with chocolate chips.
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Course: Cookies
Cuisine: American
Keywords: chocolate, nutella, salted caramel
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Servings: 20 cookies


  • 1/2 cup (110g) butter
  • 1 1/2 cups (350g) light brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup (55g) cocoa powder
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 2 cups (260g) all-purpose flour
  • 3.5 oz (100g) milk or dark chocolate chips
  • flaky salt/ fleur de sel/ maldon salt , , for sprinkling
  • approx. 1/2 cup , (8 tbsp) nutella
  • 1 x recipe for Salted caramel , (see notes for recipe) OR 15-16 caramel-filled chocolates
  • Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F , (180 degrees C)


  • In a medium saucepan, melt the butter. Take off the heat and stir in the brown sugar and eggs. Then add the cocoa, salt and baking powder and stir until well combined. Add the flour and stir until no floury patches are left. Lastly stir in the chocolate chips.
  • Make the caramel, if using (see notes for recipe)
  • Take 1 heaped tbsp of dough, use your finger make a large indentation the centre of the dough; fill the indentation with a small blob of nutella (like 1/2 tsp ish), and top it up with the still-warm salted caramel, or a caramel-filled chocolate. Top with a flattened tablespoon of dough, and seal the edges. (see video at top of page)
  • Sprinkle with fleur de sel and bake for 8-10 minutes.


– you can find the salted caramel recipe here (don’t worry, it’ll lits take less than 15 minutes)
– alternatively, you can melt 1/2 cup of soft caramels with 2-3 tbsp of milk and use that to fill the cookies, or just put a caramel-filled chocolate (like rolos or something) into the middle of the cookie with the nutella.
Tried this recipe?Let me know how it went! Mention @izyhossack or tag #topwithcinnamon!

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  1. i loveeeee your nails! and all your posts for that matter! i want to start my own blog, and you’re so inspiring, keep it up girl! x

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    Really good good idea doing this kind of stopmotion :3
    Awesome photographies (:

  5. Congrats on getting to meet and collaborate with the Sorted boys, can’t believe they wouldn’t let you say ‘sorted’ though! Stunning food styling as usual, I found out about your gorgeous blog through Sorted and Mike’s right, people are CRAZY if they didn’t check out your blog after it was featured in one of their episodes.\


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  9. I really like those cookies. btw i’m a fan of the guys of SORTED 🙂 and you! so the two of you combined was a treat!! I’m gong to try to make these…they look awesome!!!!!

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  12. These cookies are blowing my mind right now! They have absolutely all of my favorite ingredients in them. Caramel – salted nonetheless and Nutella? I have to take a sec to calm down!

  13. Be still my beating heart!
    Watching you make those cookies almost gave me a heart attack, Izy! Just seeing all that sugar and chocolate and Nutella and yumminess tucked into a single serving size was just too much. I’m drooling all over my keyboard….mmmmm Nutella…..cookies. What I would give for one of those things right now…

    The SEAREX

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  16. I made these and they are BEYOND amazing! I had to use cake flour cos we dnt have plain flour in South Africa for whatever ridiculous reason. They still turned out great. 🙂
    I also halved the recipe for fear of a literal death by chocolate.
    Dead simple and delicious. Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. I just made these, and omigosh they were UH-MAY-ZING!!!! My brother doesn’t usually ask for more when I give him food, but he couldn’t stop eating them 😀 Izzy, you are awesome!

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  22. This is an AWESOME recipe! Tried and tested with Lindor Caramel squares in place of the Caramello, they are little brownies in biscuit form. Thankyouuuu!

  23. I don’t now what am I doing wrong with these chocolate cookies, but whatever recipe I try mine always come out tottaly flat???? I don’t know is it the oven or the ingredients, but they are always a disaster!!!! I tried your other chocolate caramel nutella cookies, but flat again. 🙁

  24. Making these now- and I have to say, you made putting them together look very easy… Looking forward to the finished product!

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  28. Been a silent admirer of your words and photos for a while now but today thought I’d let you know that I’m making this my 4 yr old today. This sounds and definitely looks drool worthy and I’m sure my li’l one and I are going to have a great date thanks to you!

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    And I am totally the same way about getting to hear/see a blogger that I’ve followed forever. You are adorable and hilarious, and your glasses still make me wish I needed glasses. Congrats on getting to do the SORTED thang! It looked like so much fun. (:

  30. I’m pretty sure these are the most mouth-watering, appealing-looking stuffed cookies I have ever seen. They seem PERFECT.

    Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been all that tempted by stuffed cookies before, because of course they must taste good, but they often seem fussy to make or just a little gimmicky and not * that * many times more delicious than a fresh-baked non-stuffed cookie. But this recipe is actually quite simple and elegant; I love that yours are all just made in one pot– no bowls! Nice. And I love the video, too!

  31. Hi Izy!
    your blog is one of my favorits, and when i need to make something for an event or a meeting, I enter your blog right away, and choose what to make.
    i made the cookies and they turn out to be the BEST cookies i ever made. all my friends loved those, here in Israel.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


  32. Yum. I can’t wait to eat these, and I don’t care who makes them, me or hubs. Now… PLEASE TELL US ABOUT YOUR NAILPOLISH!!! LOVE!

  33. Oh my gosh! Those pictures are out of this world. That is food porn in all its glory. seriously craving for them now.

  34. Wow!!!!!!!! That looks amazing!!!!!! And i am so gonna make it. I love salted caramel (and chocolate of course)…
    I wanted to ask: how many cookies will come out from this recipe?

  35. Made this recipe just today. Guys trust me, it’s amazing. They are so delishious and easy to make and bake! I made mine a tad too big so they took longer to cook. I will certainly be making these again in the near future!

  36. Hi Izzy! I made these cookies tonight, and they are wonderful! Thank you so much! However, I do think there might be a typo in the recipe–55g cocoa powder is probably more like 1.5 cups, instead of 1/2 cup. I wasn’t sure which measure was correct, and ended up using about 1 cup. They still turned out well, and my boyfriend says I should make them again 🙂 but definitely would’ve been better with the correct amount of cocoa powder.

  37. So, my roommate and I made these last night, and they are the best cookies in the whole entire universe… no exaggeration. Anyone who is reading this, put the computer down gently and go make these cookies immediately. 😀

  38. I just found your blog and am madly in love!!! That video was phenomenal. I love these cookies, they look so decadent and delicious!

    • Personally, I wouldn’t use self raising flour because it tends to make cookies cakey as you can’t control the amount of leavening (and usually sr flour has LOADS of raising agent in it compared to how much I’d usually use in cookies). Soooo if you like cakey cookies, go for it, but I like gooey cookies so I’d recommend just sticking to the recipe :/

  39. Holy cannoli, these are RICH! I had to bake mine for about twelve minutes in order for them to seem actually done enough and not too doughy, and I noticed they had more of a brownie texture than a cookie texture. I used square caramels instead of caramel filled chocolates, since I thought the recipe already had plenty of chocolate lol, and I think next time I will only use half of a caramel in each cookie. But the recipe is very easy, very fun, and of course, delicious! Thank you!

  40. Just made them and they are so awesome. Had to let the dough sit for a few minutes as it was rather sticky but then it worked just fine 🙂
    Thanks for the great recipe!

  41. Just out of curiosity, what kind of cocoa powder do you use? These cookies look sooo dark and deadly. I just ran out, and I’d like to step it up a bit from Hershey’s 🙂 . Suggestions?

    • Mine made 15 but I had a few monsters! Suspect you’d get 16/17
      I also subbed Speculoos (Biscoff, Lotus Spread) for the nutella and used half spelt half normal flour.

  42. Question: Can you use square caramel candies as the center? I do not have the energy to make the salted caramel, though it looks devine, and when I use rolos it doesn’t seem to spread evenly and stays in one clump in the middle…thoughts?

  43. Holy Cow!! First off- Izy, I wanna marry you!!!

    Romantic aspirations aside, these cookies look delicious! I’ve experimented with similar ingredients before trying to make a caramel filled cookie but this one tops them all! I do have a tip though that might make things even easier next time: Freeze the Nutella, at least to the point where it’s still malleable yet firm. It makes quite less of a mess, I’ve found.


  44. OH GOD!!!! I’m addicted to this cookie video. Its just utter awesomeness!
    Question, tho : What brand of cocoa powder do you use? I used to use Hershey’s but my baking friends recommend Cadbury’s? What do you recommend?!
    I’m about to make this, so please please please answer this!!
    You know, I’m Oman, an Arabic country. Just think about how famous your website is!

    • I use the supermarket brand of cocoa. It doesn’t really matter what the brand is as long as it’s unsweetened cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate)

  45. Hi there! I’m a newbie at baking and this is my first time trying to make cookies but I’ve encountered a problem that I hope you could help me with. The first time I tried your recipe the dough and cookies didnt turn out right. The dough was very hard to the touch and I had trouble mixing in all the flour called for in the recipe because the dough was too hard to work with, and the cookies that came out were hard. Then on my second try I reduced the amount of flour by almost 3/4 of the amount called for in the recipe and my cookies turned out fine. They were delicious but they were more like mini brownies than cookies because the texture inside was more like cake than cookie.

    May I know if that’s what the texture of the cookie is supposed to be like, or am I doing something wrong? Really hope you can help me with this question/problem! 🙂

    • It could have been the way you were measuring the flour (you need to fluff it up, spoon it into the measuring cup and then level it with a knife) or the size of the eggs (use large eggs when baking)

      • Hi Izy!

        Thanks for helping me out! I’ve been brushing up my baking skills since I’ve posted my question here and am now ready to try your recipe again! I can’t forget how much they tasted when I first made them (even though they were more brownie than cookie) and I hope I get them right this time!!! Fingers crossed!

  46. These look delicious! I am hoping to make some for my Spanish class next week, and was wondering how many cookies this recipe made. I saw that you had written to use ’15 – 16 caramel-filled chocolates’. Does this mean that it makes 15 – 16 cookies? There are 20 people in my Spanish class.
    Thank you!! 🙂

      • Thanks for your advice! I did 1 1/2x the recipe and made around 36 small-medium cookies – I even ran out of rolos! Sadly they were perhaps too small because on mot of them the caramel spread out on the bottom and there wasn’t any left inside. They still tasted great though, and were a big hit among ‘mis amigas’!

  47. Hey, Izy! I’ve been making this to sell the past few days and they always sold out; everyone loved them! Thank you!!

  48. Mine didn’t end up changing shape while baking (i.e. they didn’t spread like the picture shows). Any thoughts as to why? I used weights rather than volumes for measuring, and used Rolos rather than the homemade caramel. Thanks 🙂

  49. Hi Izy! Am planning to make this for Valentine’s Day but I will have to make them 1-2days before handing them out. Would really appreciate if you could advise on the best way to store these cookies! 🙂

    • Keep them in an airtight container! Oh and keep them away from people, too or they’ll literally be gone in a day.

  50. Hey Izy – Somehow discovered your blog (Love it) and made these for my bf for Valentine’s last night. They’re delicious! We have a local grocery store that imports British treats so I used the Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. Will try the caramel sauce the next time. Thanks for the recipe! Joseph from Newfoundland, Canada.

  51. OH my god. i live with 3 german boys that all grew up with mammas german baking and i know they would all die over these…. so here it goes! thanks for the recipe. great website 🙂 nice video thx

    • haha semi-sweet chocolate chips will be fine! (I prefer to use like 70% chocolate as these cookies are veeerry sweet so the bitterness of the chocolate kinda tones it down a bit)

      • Oh, so when you made these you actually used bittersweet chocolate chips? I always end up choosing the wrong type of chips and then my cookies end up being too sweet!

        • When I made them for the post I was using semi-sweet but the next time I made them I ended up using bittersweet (because that’s what I had on hand) and liked it more

  52. I have the same problem like T.J. =( The cookies turned out pretty cakey. The differences I made was using less sugar (like 1 1/4 cups cause I ran out of sugar) and using Kraft caramel instead the chocolate covered caramel. . .oh and no nutella cause I didn’t have some on hand. I’m really sad now. ='(

  53. Hi, so I was chomping at the bit to make these for my birthday treats for girls at work. I made up double the batch, and it was pretty stiff (had to get the bf to mix it up haha!) Ive left it in the fridge probably for about 20 hours as I read that chilling them for as long as possible helps with cookies in general, so we’ll see. I also added half white half dark chips…. wish me luck!

  54. Aaaaaah Izy, so….. well, actually first – yes I am going to tell the convoluted story of how I ended up perusing your website at 5.20 a.m as night turns into day – it started with a gluten free pancake web search, actually that’s a lie, it really all started with my 21 day Alexander Junger Clean Detox. So I was thinking hmmm you know what would be such a treat – PANCAKES – I love them, my mum loves them (she’s doing the detox too) – I’m pretty sure I can make some clean ones, then the internet search ensued. A pretty complex one because I was looking for gluten free, egg free, grain free, almosteverythingyounameit free, any way I found a site which bigged 10 pancake recipes up, yours was number 2 but I didn’t get to look earlier, I came back to have a butchers at about 3.30am and here I am – all lusted out on your Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie pancakes and these fine specimens above. *I’m not even a big chocolate fiend!
    That said I may reduce the amount of chocolate when I make these but I literally CANNOT WAIT to make both of these. Yes – I am that excited! Too many favourite flavour/texture combo’s going on here -salt, caramel, hazlenuts, soft crumbly crunchy cookie, dark chocolate gaaaaaah. The cookies will have to wait till long after my detox but the pancakes will be very much sooner rather than later. I look forward to getting lost in the rest of your magic here. Grand work lady. Big up to the upcoming book. Thank you.

  55. Hello from Spain!! Today I´ve published your gorgeous cookies (although I skipped the nutella+caramel part and changed it for dulce de leche). I just come here to tell you the result was FANTASTIC, that I love your video and that I was so inspired by it (while making the cookies) that I spent the whole time singing that song (Spanish version, I´m afraid).
    Congratulations, Izy, and thank you!!!!


  56. Hi, I made a version of your recipe in the BBQ.
    They we’re delicious!!
    Thanks 🙂

    aka the BBQ baker

  57. I made these ’cause my brother found them on reddit and asked for them as an ‘end of Year 12/end of exams’ treat and I agreed because they looked ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

    Let me tell you that these are so fudgy, chocolatey, and basically the way to forget about everything by indulging in one of these (plus some ice-cream if needed).

    Although the caramel was very hard to clean, they were absolutely delicious (definitely can’t be good for my braces…oops) and totally worth it.

  58. I should wear my glasses more often, just found the temperature. Looking forward to baking these with my daughter later today and discovering what all the fuss is about. Yeah!

  59. I’m so excited to try this – it looks absolutely divine! However, will these cookies still be good if served cool/at room temperature without the caramel going hard?

  60. Hey, I really want to make these cookies, but I have some doubts about the quantities. Comparing sugar (1 1/2 cup or 350g) and flour (2 cups or 260g) you can see a mistake in one of them, and I don’t know which one. Could you tell me please?

    • Flour and sugar have different densities. Flour is a lot less dense therefore less mass occupies a volume of space when compared to sugar. As cups are a measure of volume, and grams are a measure of mass, the conversion between cups and grams is different depending on the density (and therefore the ingredient) used. Basically its all good, trust the recipe 🙂

  61. Sorry to ask again but… I love your nail colour sooo much! I really want a new blue color for the warmer months coming!! I would be very happy if you would respond to this comment! BTW those cookies look B E A U T I F U L, I will be making soon!

  62. These cookies look INCREDIBLE! And watching the videos even a non-baker like myself can make those. My problem is the nutella as I am allergic to nuts. I’ve googled a bit and not really found a good solution as what to use instead. Do you have any suggestions? Would really appreciate the help, haha. xx

  63. I tried these cookies using regular sized Rolo candies, and they were delicious, but they were tall and very large (think about cookie dough wrapped around a Rollo). The recipe specifies a “rounded tablespoon” size for the cookie ball, and then you add the Nutella, Rolo, and a cap of cookie dough. That makes a big (and very delicious) cookie! I’m not criticizing the recipe, but I don’t see how the cookies in the picture were made following these directions, as those look flat. Mine looked more like a volcano.

    • Hi Sabrina! I don’t think taking the cocoa out of this recipe would work. However you could use a different, plain chocolate chip cookie recipe and fill it in the same way as I do here

  64. I’ve made these cookies twice now and each time the mix has been really dry and not as dark as yours looks in the video and pictures. They’ve been ok once baked, but the mix was really difficult to work with. Am I doing something wrong?!

  65. Wow, making these was so much easier than I thought it would be! Will definitely make them again sometime soon 🙂

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