12 thoughts on “Croissants”

  1. I love croissants but they are SO HARD TO MAKE. I tried once and only 6 turned out, haha!

    • I was pretty surprised when they actually worked, this was my first try at making them! I had to spend about 30 minutes reading, and then re-reading the recipe to make sure I understood it completely haha 🙂

  2. Great work! I have never made croissants but they have always been on my list of things to try! Yours look perfect!

  3. You think that looks hard, try making Brioche! Ugh.

    I wish everyone used animated gifs for recipes.

  4. Sooo…. I made the dough tonight and it doesn’t look like yours… It looks partly very dense (not with airy layer levels like yours) and partly there are lumps of butter (almost as if it was too cold and didn’t roll out into a smooth layer but remained in the grated chunks). Now… I am super concerned that i wrecked it. Is there anything I could do to save it? o.O

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