Four Weeknight Egg Dinners

Food blogger Izy Hossack makes a Roasted Shiitake Mushroom, Brown Ric and Crispy Kale Bowl recipe

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I’ve been getting back into London life since coming back from my holidays a few weeks ago. It’s been busier than I expected – I’ve been assisting on some food shoots, seeing friends and going up to Leeds to graduate (!) which has all been a bit intense. I’m also flat hunting at the moment for me and my boyfriend and it’s making me feel like an adult way sooner than I thought I would have to be, haha.

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Food Blogger Izy Hossack makes an Asaparagus Okonomiyaki recipe

Since it’s been a very busy time, quick dinners are a *must* and when it comes to quick veggie dinners, eggs are always The One. I’ve partnered with British Lion Eggs recently to produce these 4 weeknight-friendly egg recipes which I hope you’ll enjoy – there are a couple of videos embedded in this post for ya plus the links to the full recipes at the bottom of the page.

Hope you all have a great week (even though it’s going to be swelteringly hot again!!) and happy cooking!

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  1. Egg, Crispy Kale & Roasted Mushroom Bowl
  2. Sweet Potato ‘Falafel’ Baked Eggs
  3. Asparagus Okonomiyaki
  4. Aubergine Yoghurt with Spice-Crusted Eggs

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  1. I lived in London for 10 years, only recently moving back to Dublin (where I’m from) and can I just say Ohmydayz – apartment hunting in London is tricky – but you will be more than fine! My advice would be 1.) Know that the right place will let itself be known to you, pretty much the moment you step through the front door, if you don’t get that feeling, it’s possibly not the right spot 2.) Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint so pace yourself! And 3.) Estate Agents keep apartments up on their websites, saying they’re available just to get you to call them, 9 times out of 10 what you’ll like on their site will be gone, but once they know that that’s your style, when something new comes on the market of that style, they’ll contact you before it goes live and you’ll be able to swoop before anyone else! Good Luck on the hunting!!

    Rebecca |

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