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DIY Geneva Cookies – Pecan / Candy Cane / Coconut

 First of all – just want to acknowledge the fact that I constantly kept referring to these as ‘Genovia’ Cookies (when typing and thinking about them – I’ve managed not to actually say it yet). Yup As in “I-am-the-Princess-of-Genovia”-Genovia. The made up land in…

Autumn Cake Winter

Self-Saucing Maple Pecan Cakes

  Maple syrup and pecans. Man, they are one good match – they’re basically made for each other. Am I right, or am I right? I have recently (by recent I mean like 2 months ago) discovered the joy of pecan butter. It makes…

Breakfast Snacks

Crispy, Crunchy, Clustery Maple-Pecan Granola

I have recently become seriously addicted to muesli. It started with me eating small spoonfuls straight from the jar – I found that by using a small spoon I could a higher dried fruit : oats ratio. This was much to my mum’s annoyance, because…

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