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Cranberry, Oat and White Chocolate Biscuits

December 8, 2017
Cranberry, Oat and White Chocolate Biscuits

I’m hoooome! Back in London for Christmas break and I’m extremely relieved to be able to chill out for a bit. This has been an all-consuming semester so far. I said to my boyfriend last week ‘I can see now why people drop out in third year. I never understood before but I do now’. It was inevitable that this would be the most challenging year, surprisingly not academically, but mentally. It’s my final year of education after 15 years…

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Miso-Orange Courgetti Salad {Vegan, GF}

May 11, 2016

Of course the only week-long stretch of sun I’ve had in Leeds has to fall directly during the one time when I’m barely outside! It’s revision/deadline time again (hence my lack of posts) which involves me trying to remember the ins and outs of food processing while eating a lot of toast and re-watching Gilmore Girls.…

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Cornmeal & Loganberry Muffins {Vegan}

August 2, 2015

When I started baking years ago I remember being perplexed by certain recipes. Cakes and brownies would always turn out well but a) chocolate chip cookies and b) muffins never worked for me. I have to say that I blame this on me using recipes from ‘older’ English cookbooks – the ones with the types of recipes we’d be taught for basic cooking skills in Food Technology lessons at school. Let me tell you something, those cookbooks are great if you want…

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