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Bread and Yeast Doughs

'How to's Bread and Yeast Doughs Dairy Free Egg Free Restricted Diet (e.g. GF, Vegan..) Vegan

How I make Wholemeal Sourdough Bread – a .gif & image guide

September 4, 2016

Now first of all hello! I am back. I’ve been having a very intense and food-filled summer which I will explain in a separate post (this one is long enough already) although you may already know what I’m talking about if you follow me on instagram. Whilst I have been workin hard, I’ve also been making the most of my flexible schedule by finally getting into sourdough. I’ve dabbled in the past but never made consistently good loaves until now. It’s…

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Bread and Yeast Doughs Breakfast Dairy Free Egg Free Restricted Diet (e.g. GF, Vegan..) Savoury Snacks Vegan

Instarecipe! Sunflower, Flax & Oat Flatbreads

March 16, 2016

I keep experimenting with no-knead bread doughs, each week using different flour mixes and adding seeds/nuts/dried fruits to the mix. A few weeks ago I baked up a kinda flat but DELICIOUS loaf of bread made using a mix of wholemeal flour, oat flour, sunflower seeds and flax seeds. I saved some of the dough in the fridge, as I usually do, and made a little flatbread out of it to have with my breakfast and loved it even more…

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Bread and Yeast Doughs Breakfast

Rye Hot Cross Bun Loaf

March 13, 2016

I’m usually not one for mixing spices, citrus and dried fruit – Christmas pudding and fruit cake being prime examples of things I really don’t like. My exception, hot cross buns, is one that I’m pretty obsessed with around Easter. There’s something quite intoxicating and nostalgic for me about walking into a kitchen where a hot cross bun is being toasted.…

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Bread and Yeast Doughs

Hazelnut, Pecan & Chocolate Babka Rolls

February 23, 2016

Last summer when I was in New York I was on a quest with my friend, Rhiannon. It was a noble quest: to eat as MUCH as possible. My lovely friend Katherine helped out on one of the many ‘eat-days’, touring us around the city. We had Dough doughnuts, Babka from Arcade Bakery, creme brûlée chocolates from Kee’s Chocolates and ice cream from Morgenstern’s.…

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Bread and Yeast Doughs Cookies Dairy Free Pies, Pastries, Tarts & Crumbles Restricted Diet (e.g. GF, Vegan..) Uncategorized

Instarecipe! Chocolate Challah Rugelach

December 1, 2015

I did it! I cooked Thanksgiving lunch for 13 people!! The turkey was spatchcocked (thanks to my brave boyfriend and a pair of poultry shears), the kitchen wasn’t a complete mess and there was enough leftover stuffing to be made into waffles for lunch the next day. HURRAH! The challah rugelach went down well as pre-lunch snacks for anyone hanging around in the kitchen. They were super easy to make too, they just took a bit of forethought as the…

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Bread and Yeast Doughs Breakfast Pancakes & Waffles

Waffled Brioche French Toast

March 10, 2015

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend (well, in the UK at least) loads of people must be thinking about what to make to surprise their mums with for Sunday brunch. I’m teaming up with Cuisinart this month to create some ‘Classic Dish with a Twist’ recipes like this stunner. It’s super easy to make and is a snazzy mash-up of two of my favourite classic brunch dishes.…

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Bread and Yeast Doughs Breakfast

Overnight Spiced Sugar Buns

March 3, 2015

Being a self proclaimed cinnamon queen and breakfast fanatic means that birthday breakfasts are going to be: – most likely spiced – sweet – require the kind of effort and will power to get out of bed early to bake that I’ll only muster up once a year Oh and this is a competition between Me and Me, trying to outdo the previous years of celebratory breakfasts (like Monica Geller with Thanksgiving dinner).…

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Bread and Yeast Doughs Breakfast Dairy Free Restricted Diet (e.g. GF, Vegan..)

Bagel Bread Loaf

November 26, 2014

My parents are bagel snobs. Having lived in New York for a number of years, they both have very high standards when it comes to this particular breakfast item. You can get alright bagels here in the supermarket (and really good ones from Brick Lane but, allow, that’s the other side of London) however apparently they’re not as good as the ones in NYC. In fact, my mum is so insistent on boycotting the ones here that a few years ago…

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Bread and Yeast Doughs Breakfast Restricted Diet (e.g. GF, Vegan..) Single Serving & Small Batch Snacks

Vegan Coconut Bostock + We’re going on a blog tour……

October 1, 2014

…we’re going to catch a big one..(?) (I hope someone got the bear hunt story reference there) Hola everybody, The blog tour of my cookbook kicked off this week as it has just been released in America! For the next few weeks bloggers all over the place will kindly be posting recipes from my book (sometimes with mini interviews too!). Check the schedule out here so you can read (& cook) along with us 🙂…

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